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Easiest way to business' digital era

Optimize internal processes and the flow of information.




Incidents, event reporting and all-around observation

With one application on all devices.


SwingIO is a completely new, agile way of communicating at work.

Mobile intranet increases productivity by improving communication.

Customizable forms and tasks make it a light-weight ERP for small and medium size businesses.


Incident reports

Quality observations

Maintenance requests


Custom fill-in forms

Shift work communication

Task monitoring

Idea pitching



Easy and low-cost solution especially for small and medium size businesses!






 Easier to measure things you want to improve.

Productivity improves.

No more long e-mail chains.

Work satisfaction increases.

Less mistakes through more reporting.


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What is SwingIO?


Our customer's are using SwingIO to fill in forms like quality & safety observations, communicating workplace safety & near miss situations, assigning tasks and weekly checklists.

  • Browser-based cloud application: Use it anywhere and with any device, just log in
  • Based on Diaries that you can customize for different purposes
  • To the Diaries, users can send Posts where you can also attach photos and files
  • Posts can be based on different forms which can be customized for each diary 
  • You can also use the diary for "informal" communication - just type text and add photos

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